Composer - songwriter Jennie Evpak

Hi there!
My name is Jennie Evpak. I’m Russian composer and songwriter. Expert in the field of music industry innovations.

Listen to my new song "Love is..." (officially released on February, 14, 2020


Winner of Mediamusic contest 2017 for best corporate commercial music video
(chairman of the contest is Ennio Morriccone).


I welcome you to try my services:

  • Creating new songs ( in pop, rock, world styles)
  • Corporate anthems
  • Music for commercial video ads
  • Music for viral videos
  • Original soundtracks for movies
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About me (creative biography):

Jennie Evpak (also known as Jennie Moz-Art)
is a contemporary Russian media composer and songwriter.

Jennie has been born
on August, 2, 1985, in Saran town (Kazakhstan).
Since 2007 resides in Moscow, Russia.
She started playing piano when she was 8 months old. 
Her absolute pitch and music talent was found by her mother 
in the very early childhood, and she came to music school 
when she was 5 years old. 
Jennie composed her first music piece for piano called "The Caravan"
at the age of 12, and studied music composition software since 2003. 
Winner of national songwriting contests in Russia, 
copyright owner for music and songs used for festival short movies 
and documentaries, Jennie Moz-Art has already created over 250 songs 
and continues composing commercial music and songs,
also she is teaching music theory to kids and adults.
Modern Academy for the Humanities - Linguistics - 
Translation and the arts of interpreting (English - Russian)

1st Moscow Regional Music College (Kolomna) - Music theory - 
Music theory teacher
graduated Sound Engineer - Moscow Institute 
for Television and Radio Broadcasting Ostankino
National Research Institute Higher School of Economics - 
Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation (Master program)
Credits (filmmusic)
2017 - short movie «A flower on the asphalt»
(dir. Olga Boyko)
2016 - short documentary movie "Where you were born - it's your country!"
(dir. Karl Bots)
2014 - short movie «I’ll not leave him anyway!» (dir. Olga Boyko)
2014 - documentary movie «Chess» (dir. Danil Svidersky)
2014 - short movie «Run, darling, run!» (dir. Paul Kojevnikov)
2013 - short comedy «HyStErIk-MoNgErS-1» (dir. Dmitry Senchukov, idea - Jennie Evpak)
2013 - short movie «I just want to live» (dir. Sergey Donin)
2012 - ArtKINO independent short films festival: movies «EMPTY»
(dir. Michail Rumyantsev), «How much is the Love» (dir. Maria Tumova)
2010 - documentary movie «Izberbash city» (dir. Dmitry Аselderov)
Music Industry Innovations:
2006 - Method of Digital Sound Melodisation (know-how)
2015 - music foresight consultancy services (b2b)
Own projects:
Releases (IP Samokhvalov):